Launching Lunar Void

Lunar Void is an Twin-Stick Space shooter, currently being developed for Android. The idea behind this game was that the genre and setting are fairly commonplace for beginner tutorials, and as such there would be plenty of resources along the way that could help guide my if I found myself stuck.

Early Gameplay From Lunar Void

Unfortunately I fell into a lot of pitfalls designing my first ever game, one of them being that older android devices need a game to be very optimised to run properly, something I had the luxury of not worrying about when I was learning to code on my gaming rig.

While I’m likely going to dedicate a post to the pitfalls I fell into whilst developing, the main purpose of this post is to launch the game. I have come a long way as developer since these earlier gameplay clips but I refuse to go back in and gut the game, something I may regret come launch day, but for now the main priority is shifted to having a project that is finished and available to the public.

Early Concepts and design

Whilst the perfectionist inside me wants to re-do, re-start and perfect every aspect of everything I do in this project, as one person developing alone it’s not reasonable to assume I will have anything launched anytime soon. I’m sure I have a lot to learn about marketing my games, the policies and rules that come with having games available on major markets (Google Play, Steam, etc) and for these reasons I’ve decided that I aim to finish this project in the most reasonable timeframe, because I’m excited to learn more and ready to start the incremental increase in skill & knowledge so that with each release, the bar will be set higher. I am very excited to share future projects and updates with you!