Hi, I'm Quentin Van Deutekom

An Indie Game Dev

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What I'm Working On

2D Top Down Zombies!

Top Down Zombies (TDZ) is a short term project made with GML, it explores the mechanics of a of topdown shooter, made quickly as a personal challange.

3D Project Coming Soon!

3D development has begun at Split-Beam using C#, however so far all projects are too small in scope to feature a highlight! Check back soon!

This website!

Welcome to my website, made using HTML,CSS & a bit of JS, this is an ongoing fun adventure to expand my skillset. Check Back soon!

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Who I am

Solo Indie Game Developer

I'm an indie game developer, I began code at a very casual level at a young age, but decided to take it serisouly April 2020, I built this website to showcase my current work & my future projects.

I use GML for most of my 2D games, using GamemakerStudio 2, my 3D projects are moslty done in C# with the Unity3d engine. I do pixel art (badly) in aseprite, and other work in Adobe Photoshop.

My work

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