Hi, I'm Quentin Van Deutekom

An Indie Game Dev

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What I'm Working On

2D Grid Systems!

Revert is closed to finished, in its place I'm going to be experimenting with 2D Grid Based Combat.

3D Project Coming Soon!

3D development has begun at Split-Beam using C#, the projects are still small in scope, but expect a complete 3D project later this year!

A WebApp!

I'm primarily a Game Dev, however all tech is fasinating to me, so the next logical step after a website would be an Application.

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Who I am

Solo Indie Game Developer

I'm an indie game developer, I began code at a very casual level at a young age, but decided to take it serisouly April 2020, I built this website to showcase my current work & my future projects.

I use GML for most of my 2D games, using GamemakerStudio 2, my 3D projects are moslty done in C# with the Unity3d engine. I do pixel art (badly) in aseprite, and other work in Adobe Photoshop.

Once my library of original characters grows there's a good chance I'll add a dedicated art section.

My work

A view of my completed projects

This Website
This Website
Revert GM48
Lunar Void
Lunar Void
Fall Apart Arena
Fall Apart Arena