GM48 the 46th Ashlings

Made in 48 hours

a picture of Ashlings

Ashlings was my first attempt at a Game Jam, hosted by GM48

Ashlings is the first game I made public! I was a few months into my first project (Lunar Void) & a friend developer told me about GM48 jams!

We signed up as a team, and managed to score 40th place overall, if you want to check out Ashlings you can do so here: Ashlings GM48

The game lacks polish but may be revisted at some point. The goal is to collect differnet coloured fruits to feed and evolve your ashlings!

I don't have a great deal to share about Ashlings other than that I'm happy we managed to submit a game within the time limit, it suffers in stability due to a lack of testing but it's a very ambitious system that allows the modular merging of abilities. This will likely return in a more polished state in a fututre project.