U.F.Opera HTML5

Opera Game Jam GX

a picture of UFO

Welcome to my first attempt at a HTML5 game. The game had to made in 2 weeks, and feature the theme UFO.

There were some extra restrictions thrown into the mix, things such as the game having to be under 5mb in size, do no external loading, feature highscores and local multiplayer.

So those things were all new to me, my first HTML5 game, my first game where I watched the file size, my first local multiplayer game & my last two games had external file loading.

It was actually extremely fun to make despite HTML5 having some minor issues and things needing to be slighly adapted too it.

The goal of the game is reach as high of a score as possible, by adbucting humans! There are buildings and tanks to destroy and powerups to collect!

If you'd like to check out U.F.Opera, you can do so in your browser right here: U.F.Opera On GameJolt!

a picture of UFO