GM48 Tortuga Journey To Isla

48 Hour Game Jam

a picture of Tortuga

If the lack of good art didn't give it away, we have another solo Jam!

Rather than sulking about my sprite work (even though so far the main critisms have been the sprite work) I decided to double down on the music for the game.

Ontop of the music, the main focus of the game was the game world and atmosphere, trying to gain points in the immersion catagories.

The game is inspired by the Chrome dino endless runner, but with a few changes, for starters you can finish the game. You can also see your past attempts in game.

The aim of the game is too collect enough items for your shell so that humans can move in on your deceased turtle shell, thus your shell becomes the island.

If you'd like to check out Tortuga, Journey To Isla, you can do so here: Tortuga Journey To isla GM48

Lastly, here is the sound track for the game: