GM48 Revert

Post Jam

Revert is finally finished, whilst there may be some bug sweeping to do if we get any error reports, it feels good to complete a project.

The facility is set to explode in 60 seconds and you're in the middle of it with nothing but a blaster in hand.....and the ability to revert time of course. Explore the facility and collect upgrades then revert time to proceed further into the facility. Can you escape in time....or perhaps you can figure out a way to stop the explosion.

Check out the trailer below, which was created by Ethan, he also created pretty much all the art, music and atmopshere in the game, an extremely talented game dev and it was a joy to collaborate on this project.


Working Alongside Jack and Ethan has been one the most fun projects to date, and I'm proud to share the final product with you all, the main difference from the GM48 version include:

Online scoreboards, improved stability, balancing tweaks, Ghost players, Dev time trail, in game map, and many more improvements.

If you want to play Revert in it's final form, check us out on Gamejolt and play for free!

Revert Full Release