GM48 Neon Dodge

12 Day Game Jam


This Jam caught me by surprise, not that it matters since the theme is usually a surprise anyway, I decided to enter solo as nobody was available,

It put all my other work on hold for a while, which is odd since I ended up not spedning a huge chunk of time on this, knowing I was working Solo, I knew art would be an issue

So rather than designing a large scoped game I wanted something simple that I could polish nicely, freshen up on my Particle effects and GLSL Shaders

In the end I'm happy with this simple, yet brutal game, it was my first chance to do some art with code properly, and I finally decided to take a serious look at the music of the game

Check out Neon Dodge here for Free: Neon Dodge

Finally, here is the sound track for the game:

Victory Track: