GM48 Revert

Trio Game Jam

Revert is the first game jam entry that is getting a full release after the jam, it's being worked on right now.

Each GameJam goes a little different. This time I had the help of two fellow devs. To maximize workflow I ended up being resposable for a large portion of mechanics, which was fun since I had plenty of time to test and polish, and since my art skills are by far my weakes asset, it was nice to hand the responsibility over to somebody else

Since in this Jam the art music were covered by another team member (who did an outstanding job! - If you'd like see more of his work, you can do so here: Ethan Wake Games ) and the level design balance was handled by our third and final member.

Despite the game being a little complex on the first time round, I'm very happy with the end result. There were a few quality of life iremprovements planned but on a 48 hour dead line, we had to comprimise.

This game recieved more attention than any of my previous work and so it came with far more feedback and constructive critisms, which gave way to motivate a full post jam version, I won't include all the detaisl here since the full game will get its own private portfolio slot including all the new quality of life changes and updates.

Lets talk about the gameplay a little bit, you play as a robot in a metroidvania style factory where the level will reset (and your position) every 60 seconds, however any upgrades aquired are permanen. The core gameplay loop is to explore as much as possible each run to try and gain a small amount of progression each time until you're ready to finish the game (There are two ways to complete the game).

This is also the first game where we had time for some eastereggs, there are 2 in total!

Now that the jam has ended we can post the results. We landed on 18th, a big improvement from the previous 40 and 36 respectively, but unfortunately still a disheartening result. This time it was audio that was the main bottleneck for our rating. A lot of the issues have been address in the post jam version though so I look forward to sharing that with you.

The last part I'd like to mention that despite not meeting the criteria (Top Ten Placement) we were picked by the GM48 hosts as one of 3 "honorable picks" and our mascot was added to the fan art of the website. At the time of writing you can visit and see the fanart, but that will only last some weeks, so I decided to include the fan art here, with and without the website overlay

Notice: I do not own this artwork, it belongs to & HAPPY2

If you'd like to check out the game jam version of Revert, you can do so here: Revert GM48 The game page includes the control scheme and dev commands