GM48 Fall Apart Arena

First Solo GameJam

a picture of Fall Apart Arena

My first attempt with no external help from friends or other devs! It didnt go quite as planned, me and two developer friends entered our submissions independently! I managed to place 36th, 4 places higher than previously.

My art brought the game down, feeling uninspired and under heavy pressure to produce something, however, the code is more interesting!

The AI may be basic but the generator is very useful for populating games. Not used to its fullest potential here, the generator can make NPCs with unique colours, features, limbs and proporitions on the fly!

The inclusion of unique or fun systems is important to me, especially in game jams since the ideas can be further developed later down the line, altough I'm unsure if I'll need a unique character / NPC generator, it can't hurt to have the code for it lying around.

If you'd like to check out Fall Apart Arena, you can do so here: Fall Apart Arena GM48