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The first project

a picture of Lunar Void

My first ever published project!

Lunar Void took me far too long to complete, I was new to development when I started, my scope was way to large and lot of content had to be removed

Not only was it my first "real" project, it was also aimed at mobile, android specifically and this came with its own sets of challenges and difficulties

As as result the game was left feeling a bit empty, something soon to be amended in the next projects coming up!

The game features an endless barrage of hostile ships that will come in waves in this top down shooter! There are upgrades to collect (and combo), there are bosses to defeat and enemies to fight

The footage shown below is actually an alpha build and the game is almost unrecognizable

If you fancy having a look at some of my earliest work, then you can download the game for free here: Lunar Void On Google Play