Boost Demo C#

3D in Unity3d

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I've been working in Unity3d for quite some time now but never seem to have the time to put a full project together.

Partly due to still learning C# and partly due to a lack of experience in 3D development.

However I did want to start showcasing smaller tech demos of what I'm busy learning.

So I decided to take what I learned from U.F.Opera and create a small and simple web game.

The game is simple, use space to boost, use A & D to turn, land on the green pad, avoid everything else

Dev cheats are included. "C" Disables the collision scripts, "L" forces a level skip.

If you'd like to check out Boost Demo, you can do so in your browser right here: Rocket Boost On GameJolt!

a picture of Rocket a picture of Rocket a picture of Rocket